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A Cryopod

A Cryopod is the metal glowing capsule you come from at the beginning of the game; in other words, this is your spawn point. To access the cryopod, you must right click on it, however there is not much you can do with it at the beginning of the game. You are already "bound" to your "master cryopod" when you start, but as the game advances you'll begin to earn XP and you will be able to upgrade your Knowledge; to craft more cryopods and "bind" yourself to them. You need to spend 951XP on Base Construction 1 to be able to craft a Standard Cryopod, which comes with 5 cryorods. When you bind your character to it, it will allow you to spawn on that point next time you start the game (or each time your character dies).

To "un-bind" yourself from a cryopod, you must either bind yourself to another one, or remove it from the ground by pressing "X" while pointing at it.

Master Cryopods can not be removed.


Beta Cryopod with cryorods and turrets

Cryorods used to be craftable items, but since game launch, the cryorods work in a much more convenient way. When you craft a cryopod, it comes with a predetermined number or cryorods. The number of cryorods inside your cryopod, represent your lives.

The maximum number of lives for a Standard Cryopod is 5, until you craft a better one with more lives and bind yourself to it. Your cryorods count is at the top of your screen in your user interface. The master cryopod has no predetermined number of cryorods, that means that unless you craft a cryopod you will always have 0 lives, so make sure to craft one as soon as possible, place it on the dirt and bind yourself to it.

The convenient part about this is that your character is invincible as long as s/he has lives available. Keep an eye on the number you have at the upper left portion of your screen. If your number of cryorods drops to "0" you will die; at which point you will get to chose whether you go to your master cryopod or bound cryorod.

IMPORTANT: When you place a cryopod on the ground, you need to wait for it to 'recharge' into the maximum number of cryorods. For most cryopods, it takes 120 to replenish 1 cryorod. The Halloween Cryorod takes 200 seconds per cryorod, but it has a maximum of 15 cryorods.

In the past there was something called "cryorod penalty" which would allow a user to drop all their items when cryorod number reached 0 and the character would die as their health would go to 0.

See the Survival Guide for beginner help.

Crafting Cryopods[]

Stand next to a Basic Workbench.